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Mbar was formed in 2001 to serve customers working with vacuum technology and coatings by representing outstanding companies that consistently provide excellent products and great customer support at attractive prices.

COMPONENTS: Turbopumps, oil-free rough pumps, vacuum gauges, vacuum chambers, custom vacuum assemblies, flanges, fittings, tubing, recirculating chillers, and heater jackets.

SYSTEMS: Tools and processes for hydrophobic, hydrophilic, surface treatment or activation, degassing, drying, vacuum bake out, environmental testing, or TVAC.

Mbar is not a distributor. It is the local sales and applications contact for the manufacturers: Prices, quotes, shipments, and commercial transactions are direct from the manufacturers. Prices are the same whether you call Mbar or the manufacturer. The advantages of using Mbar are highly responsive communications with you, a focus on doing what's best for you, and getting you the information you need when you need it. Whether helping with product selection, delivery, cost, or support topics, Mbar is your advocate. In addition to strong customer support, Mbar brings to you over 40 years of expertise in vacuum technology, applications, and processes.

Professional sales representatives covering California

Support for your product question, request for a quote, or general inquiry

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